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Bio-energy Roadmap


The Bio-energy Roadmap is an initiative to further develop South Australia’s bio-energy industry.

The bio-energy industry is in its infancy in South Australia but the technologies to convert biomass into electricity are commercially available.  Bio-energy production is a feasible solution to offset other energy use.

Stage 1

In March 2015, RenewablesSA commissioned Jacobs Group (Australia) to analyse South Australia’s bio-energy potential and produce a report and associated spatial data as a first step towards creating a substantial and sustainable bio-energy industry.

Stage 1 outputs

Stage 2

In May 2016, the first Bioenergy Roadmap Forum to explore the potential for projects was held in Mount Gambier.

Stage 2 presentations and videos


The Australian Biomass for Bioenergy Assessment project & Renewable Energy Mapping Interface

Federally Funded Bioenergy Initiatives to catalyse investment in Bioenergy Projects


Latest News


South Australian Grid-connected Battery Storage Project

The Government is calling for Expressions of Interest to deploy 100MW of battery storage in South Australia

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Our Energy Plan

South Australian Power for South Australians

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Energy Fact Sheets

Energy Fact Sheets are now available on DSD website

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Bioenergy Roadmap Programs

Available to regional applicants in South Australia to further develop solutions for their energy needs.

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Presentations from Bioenergy Roadmap Forum May 2016 and Biomass Supplier Interest

Following on from the first of the Bioenergy Roadmap Forums held in Mt Gambier, if you would like to register

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Low Carbon Investment Plan for South Australia

On 1 December 2015, the South Australian Government released a Low Carbon Investment Plan for South Australia

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Bio-energy Roadmap Launched

On 24 November 2015, the South Australian Government launched the first stage of a roadmap to further develop South Australia’s bio-energy industry.

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Guide to Commercial Scale Solar released

On 18 September 2014, a new guide to commercial scale solar development in South Australia was released

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Battery storage expression of interest and mobile energy storage test facility

In June 2015, the South Australian Government announced it would seeking expressions

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ACT wind auction blows opportunities South Australia's way

South Australian based Hornsdale Wind Farm has been selected as one of three Australian wind farms

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